Kerry Drewery: A Brighter Fear, A Dream of Lights

Kerry was shorlisted for the Leeds Book Award, nominated for the Carnegie Medal, awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the North East Teen Book Awards, and shortlisted for the Hampshire Independent Book Awards. She is also Patron of Reading for Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College in Louth, Lincolnshire. Kerry is co-organiser of UKYA Extravanganza (#UKYAX) with Emma Pass.

Kerry has just sold her third book, a ‘reality show thriller’, to Hot Key for publication in autumn 2016. Cell 7 is set in an alternative present day where the justice system has been replaced by a TV show. Accused criminals begin on day one in cell one and have a week for the public to decide their fate by vote, until they reach the fateful cell 7. Depending on whether the audience have voted LIVE or DIE, they will be released home – or sent to the electric chair.

Find Kerry on Twitter at @KerryDrewery.


A Dream of LightsA Brighter Fear

A Dream of Lights: Yoora is a teenage girl living in North Korea, dreaming of the lights of foreign cities while eking out a miserable existence in a rural northern village. But then she makes a mistake: she falls in love. With someone far removed from her social class. Someone dangerous to know. When tongues start to wag, her father is executed and she is taken to a prison camp in the mountains. There, escape seems even further from her grasp. But Yoora is about to learn an important lesson: love can surprise you, and it can come in many forms…

A Brighter Fear: This is the story of Lina, a teenage girl from Baghdad. It starts in 2003, as the bombs begin to fall on the city. In it, Lina fights to survive, to find a life for herself amid the chaos of war, to find what happened to her mother in the years before the war, when she was taken away by the secret police. She also falls in love, with the one person she should never have fallen in love with. It is many things. It is a love story, both for a country and for a person. It is about an amazing girl, growing up in the worst circumstances imaginable. It contains a necklace, that was lost but might still be found. And that is all we can say, without ruining this extraordinary and beautiful modern fairy tale…






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