Jason Rohan: The Sword of Kuromori series

When he was sixteen, Jason blagged his way into Marvel Comics in New York and landed a gig as an intern, during which time he made his first professional sale – a Captain America story which his editor bought either through pity or to stop him pestering.

Later, Jason went to Japan for five years where he taught English and travelled extensively – trips included swimming with sharks off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, wrestling a camel in the deserts of Rajasthan in northern India, and climbing to the top of Mount Fuji three times.

He returned to the UK and now lives in West London with his wife and five children. Even he doesn’t know how he finds time to write.

Twitter: @JasonRohan1          Website: https://www.facebook.com/swordofkuromori/

The Sword of Kuromori

Kenny Blackwood arrives in Tokyo to spend the summer with his father and is stunned to discover a destiny he had never dreamed of when he finds himself in the middle of a hidden war that is about to explode.

Racing against an impossible deadline, Kenny The Shield of Kuromorimust find the fabled Sword of Heaven and use it to prevent the disaster. But a host of terrifying monsters is out to destroy him, and success will come at a price.

The Stone of Kuromori cover

With clever, fearless, sarcastic Kiyomi at his side, Kenny must negotiate the worlds of modern and mythic Japan to find the lost sword, before it’s too late.


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