Competition to give a blogging/vlogging workshop at YA Shot!

YA Shot Workshop Competition

Calling all bloggers, booktubers and vloggers! Want to give your own workshop on blogging/vlogging at YA Shot alongside 69 top YA and MG authors? We have one open competition slot to award to the best workshop proposal!

There are currently 5 blogging/vlogging workshops on the YA Shot Programme already on these broad topics:

  • Getting started with blogging
  • Developing your blog-brand and gaining followers
  • Getting started with vlogging
  • Group projects (focus on vlogging)
  • Promoting diversity on your blog/vlog

To enter the competition, you’ll need to be based in the UK and be over 16 at the time of YA Shot. (If you’re aged 16 or 17 at the time of YA Shot we’ll need a formal letter giving parental consent if you win.)

You must be able to attend YA Shot on 28th October 2015 from 2pm to 8pm. The workshop will be in Uxbridge Library, 150m from the main venue in the Civic Centre. It’ll be on Floor 5 but there are lifts (and loos right by the lifts!).

We can offer a £50 honorarium to help with your expenses. You’ll have access to the Green Room on the day for tea, coffee and sandwiches.

Workshops will be 1 hour long, though if you’d prefer to just use 45 minutes and then have time for a Q&A that’s fine too. There will be a Venue Manager to introduce you and help out if need be – and to help you with time-keeping.

Each workshop should be suitable for 20-30 attendees. Most YA Shot events will be open to anyone aged 12 and up, but you can restrict the age-range if you wish (though you must specify this in your proposal).

We can’t offer any audio-visual support or laptop/projection facilities, so if you require equipment you’ll need to bring/provide and look after your own.

To enter, email ya @ (no spaces) with a proposal for your workshop including up to 200 words about who you are and why you’d be the best pick, and up to 300 words about the workshop you’d want to run. You can include a list of social media links in addition: we may review these but we won’t be reading in depth. Please don’t send extra material or go over the word limit as we’ll see this as a bad sign about your ability to keep to time on the day! If you’d prefer, you can pitch your proposal on YouTube: your video must be no longer than 2 minutes in total and you must also send us an email. However, the email should ONLY include your name, the link to your video, the video title and your links on social media, otherwise it’s cheating!

You can submit a proposal with a partner, but we won’t accept entries involving more than 2 workshop leaders. Unfortunately at this time the £50 honorarium is for the workshop as a whole, so if there are two of you the money will have to be split between you.

Please do consider helping to promote and publicise YA Shot as widely as possible, as early as possible! We’re a not-for-profit and we need all the help we can get on our inaugural year to sell our tickets so that we have the maximum funding possible to support out year-long legacy programme for local libraries and disadvantaged schools.

The winner must be willing to have a ‘contributor’ page on the YA Shot website with a brief bio and a (relatively) high definition photo (you’ll need to provide this). If you’re on Twitter and/or social media, we’ll be tweeting about you and giving your public social media details. We may also ask you to do an interview for the Blog/Vlog Tour, our general publicity efforts and/or at YA Shot itself.

Deadline for entries is 11:59pm 15th August 2015. Winner to be announced on Twitter and the YA Shot website on 1st September.


If we summed up the YA Shot ethos in 5 words they would be generous, passionate, inclusive, challenging and fun.

Libraries and employability are two of our key themes. Not all workshops will focus on these issues by any means, but if you can include some angle that relates to one or both that could help!


Ask any questions below, please, so everyone can see the answers!

Good luck, everyone!

Massive thanks to wonderful Lucy Powrie of Queen of Contemporary and Lucy The Reader for the amazing competition info banner, and for introducing the competition with Lu Hersey on #UKYAchat.






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