YA Shot workshop competition winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered! We had some absolutely brilliant entries, including one we’ve got our eyes on as a prospect for YA Shot 2016. We’re not sure yet that will be happening, but if we have a successful year and sell well on the ticket front it’s a real prospect. So if you want that to happen, make sure you encourage people to come!

And now on to the announcement.

Our winner is… the very lovely Kirsty Stanley of Kirstyes.

While some of the other proposals did cover things we’d hoped to see, Kirsty’s proposal was a complete surprise. But a brilliant one. It captures YA Shot’s ethos and aims so perfectly that it had to be our winner.

Kirsty’s workshop will be called ‘Fan Activism, Stories and B/Vlogging’.

Stories have the power to influence change: attitudinal change, behavioural change and social change. Using the Harry Potter Alliance as an example, Kirsty will discuss how Harry Potter has inspired campaigns that have led to real change in readers’ communities. She’ll then explore how you could use your blog/vlog to put your principles into action. What are you passionate about? What campaigns or services or groups do you wish existed? What change do you want to see in the world? This is the perfect place to explore how to do something about those questions in a way that’ll help you connect with others who might join in and help turn your ideas into reality.

Kirsty is an Occupational Therapist, writer and blogger. As well as running her Chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, she is the UK/Ireland Chapter Liaison for the HPA: a fan activist charity. She is hugely passionate about Harry Potter, YA literature, occupational therapy, mental health awareness, diversity and social justice. On top of all this, she us currently working on a PhD entitled ‘Why We Are Writers: Relationships and the Occupation of Creative Writing’.



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