YA Shot 2016

The programme is now under development, but it’ll be a while before we announce anything. If you’re an author who’s coming, please keep it under your hat for now!

In 2016 YA Shot will be programming at least one partner event: the Hillingdon Borough Libraries Celebration Event for all its amazing volunteers. This event is incredibly important to us and last year we lined up some great names (Sophia Bennett, Sara Grant, Anthony McGowan and Nikki Sheehan – thank you!), so we’re hoping to do the same again in 2016 and invites for this will go out soon as well.

If you’re hoping for an invite to either event, do know that we do them in batches so we can (attempt) to keep up with our email.

If your book isn’t out yet but you’d love to get on our radar, we’re always happy to receive ARCs from traditional publishers interested in working with us (particularly those happy to discuss funding authors’ expenses). We’re interested in YA and the ‘older end’ of MG (i.e. MG that could easily be classified as YA). We’re not interested in NA or anything tipped towards erotica. We aren’t currently inviting e- or self-published authors, including authors who own/part-own boutique publishing houses.

If you’re not invited this year, please read our ‘List of Doom’ post (under the ‘About’ tab) about how complicated it is to create a programme – it’s really and truly not about you or your work. It’s about making YA Shot 2016 as a whole the best it can be. If you’re already traditionally published and you want to be on the list of authors under consideration, do ask your publicist to be in touch: we always like to know that authors are keen to join us and even if there isn’t a suitable gap this year there may well be one next year that we can get planning for behind the scenes.



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