Tanya Landman: Hell and High Water, Buffalo Soldier, Apache

Tanya Landman is the award winning author of more than thirty books for children and historical novels for young adults. 
Apache – set in 19th century America – was shortlisted for several UK awards including the Teenage Book Trust and the Apache coverCarnegie (where it was voted the Shadowing Groups favourite). The US edition won a Borders Original Voices prize and a Spur award from the Western Writers of America. 
The Goldsmith’s Daughter – set in the Aztec empire during the Spanish invasion – was nominated for the Carnegie and the Guardian Children’s Fiction prize. Buffalo Soldier 
won the 2015 Carnegie Medal.

Tanya had no intention of becominMondays Are Murder coverg a writer until the idea for Waking Merlin popped into her head. “It came from nowhere. It was completely out of the blue.” Tanya’s first books were “adventure stories with a sprinkling of magic and a dollop of humor.”  But then Tanya turned to crime, writing Mondays are Murder (winner of a Red House Book Award) – the first in a series of ten “Agatha-Christie-for-kids” featuring child sleuth Poppy Fields and her friend Graham. Her new highly illustrated series for younger children – Sam Swann’s Movie Mysteries – feature an accident prone boy sleuth and his faithful labrador sidekick Watson.The Goldsmiths Daughter cover

Born and brought up in Kent, Tanya now lives and works in Bideford and the nearby coastline was the inspiration for her Flotsam & Jetsam series. Find Tanya on Twitter @tanya_landman and on her website.

When his fatHell and High Water coverher is arrested and transported to the Colonies, Caleb is left alone. After a desperate journey in search of an aunt he’s never met he receives a strange, cold welcome. Then a body washes up on the nearby beach and Caleb is caught up in a terrifying net of lies and intrigue. Soon he and his new family are in mortal danger. This powerful story holds the reader in suspense as it charts the growth of a frightened boy into a brave young man.

“What kind of a girl steals the clothes from a dead man’s back and runs off to join the army? A desperate one. That’s who.” At the end of the American Civil War, Charley – a young African-American slave from the deep south – is ostensibly freed. But then her adopted mother is raped and lynched at the hands of a mob and ChBuffalo Soldier coverarley is left alone. In a terrifyingly lawless land, where the colour of a person’s skin can bring violent death, Charley disguises herself as a man and joins the army. Soon she’s being sent to the prairies to fight a whole new war against the “savage Indians”. Trapped in a world of injustice and inequality, it’s only when Charley is posted to Apache territory that she begins to learn what it is to be truly free.

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