Joshua Khan: Shadow Magic

Joshua Khan’s a London-based writer with an insane love for castles, undead, magic, outlaw heroes and princesses. Shadow Magic kicks off a new, epic fantasy series where your best friend may be a zombie, your greatest enemy is the guy in shining armour and the only way to travel is on the back of a giant vampire bat. Joshua wanted to write a tale where you root for the bad guys, hope can lurk in the darkness, that villains wears the warmest smiles and sometimes, just sometimes, you want the monsters on your side.Shadow Magic cover

Find Joshua on Twitter @writerjoshkhan or on his website.


Shadow Magic (temporary blurb): First there’s Thorn. Son of an outlaw he’s been sold as a slave to Tyburn, an executioner to a family of necromancers. Thorn reckons he’s going to be dinner, as the family, the Shadows, has its fair share of vampires and other undead monsters. Then there’s Lily Shadow, a princess of darkness. Now she’s been raised by a zombie and thinks having ghost pets is pretty normal, but then she’s been brought up in Castle Gloom and is descended from the Prince of Darkness himself.

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