Michael Byrne: Lottery Boy

Michael worked as an English teacher in a secondary school just a mile from Heathrow before moving to Winchester to work as an airport taxi-driver.  The irony was not lost on him. Michael graduated from Thames Valley University with a degree in English after not graduating from North Staffordshire Polytechnic several years beforehand. Michael lives with his daughter in Winchester.

He is the author of Lottery Boy, which has been translated into 11 languages and currently optioned for development with Working Title films.

Find Michael on Twitter @michaelbyrneetcLottery Boy cover

Lottery Boy: Since his mother’s death, Bully has lost his old life. Living rough with his dog, Jack, he can’t imagine his future. But one day, in the last birthday card she ever gave him, he finds a winning lottery ticket, a last gift from his mum that suddenly offers such hope. If only he can get to his prize on time. Life is not that simple. Bully’s struggle to survive has just got a whole lot harder. They’re after him on the streets, everyone wants a piece of him. And even if he does claim all that money, will he really be winning what he needs the most?

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