Nikki Sheehan: Swan Boy, Who Framed Klaris Cliff?

Nikki s an author, journalist, story mentor, and mother of three teenagers. She is a former convent school girl who studied linguistics at university before becoming a subtitler on the Simpsons, and then retraining and working as a journalist. Her debut, Who Framed Klaris Cliff? is a mystery about imaginary friends, and she is passionate about reconnecting children with their most powerful asset, their imaginations, through both talks, and creative workshops. As an experienced story mentor for Little Green Pig (part of the Ministry of Stories) Nikki is used to facilitating the creation of original stories, poems and scripts in a fun and inspiring way, using the students’ own imaginary friends (everyone’s first creative characters) or human-animal hybrids inspired by classical stories as a starting point.

Find Nikki on Twitter @NicoletteShhh and on her websiteSwan Boy cover

Swan Boy: Life isn’t easy for Johnny. He is trying to help his mum, he is looking after his little brother and he is going to a new school. Then Liam Clarke starts to bully him and it all begins to get a lot worse. But when Johnny gets some very surprising help from an unexpected source his life takes a dramatic turn.

Who Framed Klaris Cliff coverWho Framed Klaris Cliff?: Now, anyone found harbouring a rogue imaginary person is in for the Cosh, an operation that fries your imagination and zaps whatever’s in there, out of existence. That’s why I wish Klaris Cliff had never shown up. And why I know that proving her innocence is the last hope I have of saving myself.


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