Julia Gray: The Otherlife

Julia is a London-based writer and singer-songwriter. As well as her YA debut, she Leopard book coverhas also written a picture book about the endangered Arabian Leopards of Oman, published by Stacey International in 2014. Her most recent album, Robber Bride (2014), was recorded with the support of the Arts Council. Named after the novel by Margaret Atwood, the album explores how turning points in contemporary and ancient narratives can be reflected in song.

Julia stThe Otherlife Coverudied Classics at University College London. She also has a post-graduate certificate in Children’s Literature and an MA in Creative Writing (with distinction), both from Birkbeck. She received the Sophie Warne Fellowship for her MA.

Find Julia on Twitter @thisisjuliagray and on her website.

The Otherlife: When troubled, quiet Ben begins at the ruthlessly competitive Cottesmore House, school to the richest, most privileged boys, he is befriended by Hobie: the wealthy class bully, product of monstrous indulgence and intense parental ambition. Hobie is drawn to Ben because he can see the Otherlife: a violent, mythic place where gods and monsters roam. Ben has unnerving visions of Thor and Odin, and of the giant beasts that will destroy them, as well as Loki, god of mischief. Hobie is desperate to be a part of it. Years later, Ben discovers his beloved tutor Jason is dead. And he can’t help wondering if Hobie – wild, restless, dangerous Hobie, had something to do with it.


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