Mike Revell: Stonebird, Stormwalker (May 2016)

Mike never used to like reading. He was more inclined to run home and play on Fifa or Call of Duty than dive into a book. Then Harry Potter came along when he was eleven and quite literally changed his life. The series didn’t just make him a reader, it made him want to be an author too; he wanted to give to people the same feelings of wonder and enjoyment that JK Rowling inspired in him as a young boy. His first book, Stonebird, was influenced by the real experiences of seeing his grandmother suffer from dementia, as well as his love of myths.


Mike grew up in Cambridge, but now lives next to a castle in North Wales, admiring the distant mountains while hiding from the constant rain.

Find him on Twitter @RevellWriting and on his website.Stonebird cover

Stonebird: When ten-year-old Liam moves house to be closer to his dementia-suffering grandma, he’s thrown into an unfamiliar place with a family that seems to be falling apart. Liam doesn’t remember what his grandma was like before she became ill. He only knows the witch-like old woman who snaps and snarls and eats her birthday cards. He wants to fix it, but he can’t.Walking his dog one day, Liam discovers an old stone gargoyle in a rundown church, and his life changes in impossible ways. The gargoyle is alive. It moves unseen in the night, acting out Liam’s stories. And stories can be dangerous things… Seeking revenge against the bullies at his new school, Liam tells a story about the gargoyle attacking them. When one of them ends up in hospital, a regretful Liam vows never to go near the gargoyle again. But his grandma’s illness is getting worse, his mum isn’t coping, and his sister is skipping school. What if the gargoyle is the only thing that can save Liam’s family?


Stormwalker: Something strange is happening to Owen. One minute, he’s living a perfectly ordinary life: school, football, video games, hanging out with best friend Danny. The next, he finds himself sucked into a terrifying dream world, a wasteland where a terrible Darkness plagues his hometown, threatening the lives of everyone in it. Owen can’t control when he enters this world, or when he gets to leave. All he knows is that he has to help fight this terrible Darkness. But what is this world? Why is he here? And what if he never gets to go back home?



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