Jane Hardstaff: The Executioner’s Daughter, River Daughter

Jane grew up in Wiltshire with her brothers, hunting mayfly-nymphs with her father and reading fairytales with her mother. Now she lives in London’s East End, near the great, wild River Thames – the inspiration for her books. Alex O’Connell of The Times called her ‘A strong new voice in children’s fiction.’ The Executioner’s Daughter was nominated for the Branford Boase Award, shortlisted for The Oxfordshire Book Award and the Salford Children’s Book Award and won the Salisbury Schools Book Awards.

Find her on Twitter @janehardstaff and on her website.

The Executioner's Daughter coverThe Executioner’s Daughter (sequel River Daughter): Moss hates her life. As the daughter of the Executioner in the Tower of London, it’s her job to catch the heads in her basket after her father has chopped them off for King Henry VIII. She dreams of leaving, but they are River Daughter coverprisoners with no way out. Then Moss discovers a hidden tunnel that takes her to freedom, where she learns that her life isn’t what she believes it to be and she doesn’t know who to trust. Her search for the truth takes her on a journey along the great River Thames. Could the answers lie deep in its murky depths?


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