Steve Tasane: Blood Donors, Nobody Saw No One

Steve is currently writer in residence Dickens Bicentennial Celebrations and Maidstone United Football Club. His novels are informed by his popular poems and raps, and has been featured on BBC and Channel 4 TV shows as well as festivals ranging from Glastonbury to Latitude. His debut, Blood Donors, is an urban horror story that was one of Seven Stories’ Diverse Voices books, chosen from the last 65 years. It was one of Joseph Coelho’s Top Ten in Time Out’s recent feature on the best children’s books. Steve’s latest book, Nobody Saw No One, is described by The Guardian’s Emily Drabble as “like being blasted in the face with a water cannon. Absolutely vivid”. A modern take on Oliver Twist, Steve puts the urgent social commentary of Dickens into the context of contemporary injustice, and reimagines his rich characters and voices for urban teens. It was included in The Guardian’s list of 2015 Children’s Books Of The Year.

Check out Steve’s continuous protest poem Save The Libraries about the closures ongoing across the UK.

Find Steve on Twitter @stevetasane and on his websiteNobody Saw No One cover

Nobody Saw No One: Contemporary London – a gang of shoplifters up Seven Sisters Rd, snatching smartphones and stealing identities. Angel-faced Alfi Spar has fled the Tenderness Residential Unit and finds himself on the streets, until his old mate from the home, Citizen Digit, offers him a roof. But their past at Tenderness House is not ready to release them; the boys saw something nobody should see, and the badness is coming after them.


Blood DBlood Donors coveronorsPeoples keep dyin’ in the finger, the scuzzie old tower block where they put us antisociable families. Authorities say it dirty smack going round, but them bodies ain’t all users … an’ they look like they die screamin’. Marshall O’Connor the First lives in the Finger with his mum and li’l bro. His dad’s in prison, school kicked him out, and the bedbugs are drivin’ him crazy. True, Marsh got himself some issues. But it ain’t the drugs that peoples should be worryin’ about, ‘cos them bloodsuckin’ bugs have grown some, and they ready for a bigger feed.

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