Hilary Freeman: When I Was Me, Camden Town Tales series, Loving Danny

Hilary is a freelance journalist and agony aunt who lives in Camden Town, London with her partner and baby daughter. She has published seven books and been shortlisted for several book awards. Also an award-winning journalist, she contributes regularly to the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, and other newspapers, magazines and websites, and she makes regular appearances on radio and TV. She likes karaoke, doodling, shopping and most things Lifted coverFrench, especially Tarte Tatin and Beaufort cheese. Although she’s only 5ft 3, she was once a leg model for a charity campaign and appeared on posters all over the London Underground.

Find her on Twitter @hfreemanauthor and on her website.


When I Was Me coverWhen I Was Me: One girl, two lives. Which is real? When Ella wakes up one Monday morning, she discovers that she is not herself and that her life is not her own. She looks different, her friends are no longer her friends and her existence has been erased from the internet. Even worse, years of her history appear to have been rewritten overnight. And yet, nobody else thinks that anything weird has happened. Desperate to cling on to her identity and to piece her life back together, Ella attempts to uncover what has happened to her. Does she have amnesia? Is she losing her mind? Or is she the victim of something more sinister? A tense and dark psychological thriller full of unexpected twists and turns about the random events and decisions that make us who we are. If you can’t trust your own memories, then who can you trust?

The Boy From France coverThe Boy From France (Camden Town Tales series): When Vix’s classmates find out that Camden Town Tales covertheir visiting French exchange students will include boys, everyone is very excited. Everyone, that is, except Vix, who has a sick mother to cope with, and no time for boys. But her student does turn out to be a boy, and, what’s more, he’s both gorgeous and charming. All her friends and schoolmates are jealous, especially when he appears to have eyes for no Stuck On Me coverone but Vix. But is he for real? How long can it last? And will Vix’s secrets and lies destroy the relationship?

Loving Danny coverLoving Danny: Isn’t it odd how the truly significant moments of your life often begin as the most banal? There you are, just minding your own business, doing something boring and ordinary like buying a KitKat or, in my case, catching the number 29 bus home from work, and Boom – the most momentous and life-changing event happens to you! You don’t have time to rehearse or prepare or compose yourself. You don’t even have time to change your top. Naomi is restless. She’s on her gap year and stuck at home with her parents while all her friends are traveling or away at university. Then she meets Danny, a mysterious and intense musician who opens her eyes to a whole new world around her. Danny is exciting and talented, and his band is on the brink of stardom. But he also has a dark, destructiveside…Will Naomi be able to save Danny before it’s too late? And, more importantly, can she save herself?


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