Ally Sherrick: Black Powder

When she first went to school, Ally found reading tough. The black squiggles on the page didn’t seem to make much sense but then, thanks to the support of her parents and an inspirational teacher, something clicked and she’s been an avid bookworm ever since. She loved writing stories at school and thought she’d quite like to be a writer, though she also really wanted to be an Egyptologist so she could spend her time excavating pyramids, digging up mummies and hunting for buried treasure. Her love of history and books led her to study for a BA in Medieval History, Literature and French at the University of Newcastle on Tyne. She also has an MA in Writing for Children at the University of Winchester.

Ally loves exploring ruined castles and decaying mansions, imagining what it must have been like to live in them without electricity, hot and cold running water and flushing loos. She is married and lives with her husband and assorted garden wildlife in Farnham, Surrey.Black Powder cover

Find her on Twitter @ally_sherrick and on her website.

Black Powder: England, 1605. 12-year-old Tom must save his father from hanging. He falls in with a mysterious stranger – the Falcon – who promises to help him in exchange for his service. But on the long journey to London, Tom discovers the Falcon’s true mission – and a plot to blow up Parliament with barrels of black powder. Tom faces a terrible decision: secure his father’s release, or stop the assassination of the king.

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