Andrew Prentice and Jonathan Weil: Black Arts, Devil’s Blood

Andy and Jon first met at school in an A-level English class; they went on to edit the school newspaper together. Since then they have collaborated on a number of projects, including comics, animation, writing dialogue for robots and running a circus. Their first novel grew out of a proposal for a comic book, so they had to learn a huge amount (quite often the hard way) as they went along, both about writing novels and writing them as a team. They like their stories to have a bit of everything: adventure, horror, humour, magic, time-travel, and real, breathing characters. So far, they’ve set their books in the past, revelling in all the pungent, messy detail that provides, but they also like messing around with history too.

Jon and Andy share a love of food, Arsenal, gaming, and (semi-miraculously
after nearly two decades of working together) each other’s company. They live in London, at a safe distance from each other.

Find them on Twitter @prenticeweil and on their website.Black Arts cover

Black Arts (sequel Devil’s Blood in the Books of Pandemonium series): London is a teeming warren of thieves and cutthroats. Young Jack fits right in. But when he picks the wrong pocket, he finds himself in a London far more dangerous than he ever imagined. A metropolis of spies and dark magic. A city that will change him. A city Devil's Blood coverwhere devils are real.


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