Chelley Toy

Chelley is a self-proclaimed book-loving, theatre-loving, slasher-horror-film-loving, csi geek and is often known to be a little bit clumsy, which gets her into some right old pickles.Chelley Toy profile pic

She has been reading ever since she was a little girl and has been running her book blog, Tales Of Yesterday since November 2014. Chelley won the UKYABA Champion Newcomer in 2015, which was followed by her being nominated for UKYABA Champion Of Social Media and UKYABA Blogger Of The Year in 2016.  Chelley’s blog features all sorts of reviews, guest posts, writing tips, quizzes, discussion posts and Q&As from a wide range of authors, publishers and fellow bloggers.  She features anything that she finds fun, enjoys or basically has to know the answer to!

Chelley has worked in administration, accounts and customer service for the past 18 years and currently she is a Resource Planner Team Leader for a national service company organising a team of engineers around the country to various jobs, prioritising workloads and liaising with customers on a daily basis.  This allows for Chelley to use her organisational and methodical skills to the max whilst gaining enjoyment from interacting with others.

Chelley is the organiser of #DrinkYAMidlands and #PicnicYAMidlands, where everyone is welcome to meet up for bookish chat and fun!  She also hosts a nostalgic #PointHorrorBookClub on the 13th of every month where she relives her childhood love of all things Point Horror and gets to discuss it/fangirl with others! Chelley has also hosted the annual British Books Challenge.

Chelley loves chairing book events, and is regularly asked by Waterstones and various publishers to host events where she gets to ask authors lots of super-fun questions.  Authors she has chaired include Jennifer Niven, Lauren James, Miranda Dickinson and Maggie Harcourt, to name but a few.

She lives with her long-suffering husband, Kevin, whom she has known since she was 4, and her 12 year old son, who is as much of a book lover as her! She also has 3 cats, Skittles, Patch and Louis, who enjoy clawing at her curtains, and 3 rabbits, Smudge, Clover and Velvet, who pinch all of her vegetables and chew of her books!

Chelley is often seen on twitter embarrassing herself and tweeting about books a lot.            Twitter @ChelleyToy

Instagram /ChelleyToy              FB /ChelleyToy



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