Hannah W. – Deputy Director

Hannah is an avid reader who launched her book blog, Luna’s Little Library, in May 2012. Since then she has reviewed over 750 titles (and read a good few more), travelled to Hannah W. profile piccountless book events and continues to work with publishers and authors in the UK and internationally.

Her book blog reads across a range of genres and age brackets, and focuses on promoting diversity in books. Over the years Hannah has built a library in her home and can confirm that the quote, “So Many Books, So Little Time” will forever ring true in her life.

Hannah has worked in customer service, administration, as an Analyst and is now a Communications Editor. She has over 15 years experience in being organised, analytical, people-orientated and creative.

When Hannah isn’t reading she makes jewellery inspired by books. She also loves to draw, write and find inventive ways to make the people she loves smile.


Twitter @lunaslibrary           Instagram /lunaslittlelibrary

FB /LunasLittleLibrary           Tumblr lunaslittlelibrary


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