Elinor (second year intern)

ElinorElinor is a self-confessed book addict who will read anything she can get her hands on, particularly YA and children’s fiction. She spends her life defending children’s literature to book snoots who insist on nagging her to put down the copy of Harry Potter she’s rereading for the umpteenth time and pick up the hefty classics like Dickens and Dostoevsky. They don’t seem to understand when she says she reads for fun!

She studies Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, and enjoys putting a philosophical spin on her writing. She loves pondering the deep puzzles of life and one of her favourite pastimes is annoying people by asking difficult questions about meaning no one has a solution to. She loves it even more when they surprise her and do have answers she never thought about before!

She worked as an intern for YA Shot last year and is excited to return for a second year. In the future she would love to work in publishing and it’s her dream to one day be a published author herself.  And as she knows from all the reading she does, you should always follow your dreams!

Publication credits while interning with YA Shot: Maximum Pop! Books article on being a YA reader

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