Ella (second year intern)

EllaElla is an English Literature finalist at the University of Cambridge. She’s always known she wanted to work in publishing since undertaking her first internship with a literary agency at age 15. Since then, she’s spent time reading manuscripts in back rooms of London offices throughout her summer holidays, and has thus eagerly taken up a position with YA Shot, which offers a completely different intern experience. Ella is excited to graduate in July 2017 and dive back into the world of YA which her degree has somewhat deprived her of in favour of Middle English poetry and Victorian moralism.

When she’s not working on her final year dissertation on ecocritical approaches to YA literature – or her second, rather less exciting, dissertation on the novels of Jane Austen – she enjoys travelling the world, reading (for enjoyment rather than study!), and binge-watching American sitcoms. One day, she wants to be the proud editor of New York bestseller.

Publication credits while interning with YA Shot: http://www.thebookseller.com/blogs/call-action-open-arts-352061

Twitter: @ellasaurus_

Website: novelmusingsblog.wordpress.com


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