Matthias (second year intern)

MatthiasMatthias Asiedu-Yeboa is a Culture Sub-Editor at Brunel University’s student newspaper, Le Nurb. He has previously been published in Uxbridge short story anthologies Writing Local, Thinking Global and The Imagination Project, for which he was also the Co-Marketing Director.

Matthias has a degree in English and Creative Writing from Brunel and is currently finishing an MA in Creative Writing: the Novel, also at Brunel.

He has self-published a short pocketbook of poetry entitled, A Little Thought, A Lot of Feeling, available on Amazon and Lulu.

Besides reading and writing, he enjoys performing live music – particularly on vocals (rapping, singing, screaming, whatever!).

Though spending every waking moment thinking about writing, Matthias does find personal profiles a bit difficult to write, and the humour of referring to himself several times in the third person is not lost on him.

Publication credits while interning with YA Shot: Maximum Pop! Books article on being a YA reader

Find Matthias on Twitter @mattps139.


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