Cecilia Vinesse: 7 Days of You

Cecilia Vinesse was born in France but grew up between the States and Japan. After graduating high school, she moved to New York to attend college and ended up staying on for nearly seven years. After that, she found her way to St Andrews in Scotland where she lived amongst beautiful old buildings by the cold North Sea and studied for her master’s degree in creative writing. She now lives in England with her girlfriend, Rachel and their pug called Malfi. Their house has bookshelves built into the walls and an office painted sky-blue overlooking the garden. She spends most of her time reading everything she can get her hands on, baking every kind of cookie under the sun, and re-watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She loves to write about staying out all night, falling in love, and eating really, really delicious food. Seven Days of You is her first novel.

Seven Days of You coverTwitter: @cookieplease

Website: www.ceciliavinesse.com

Instagram: @she_and_she

Seven Days of YouSophia has spent her life ping-ponging between different countries and schools, so, in theory, saying goodbye should be easy. But now she’s leaving Tokyo – the place that finally felt like home. The only way she can get through this is to make her final week perfectThen Jamie Foster-Collins shows up, just in time to ruin everything. Jamie and Sophia used to be friends . . . and his return stirs up feelings she thought she’d forgotten. Suddenly, hours and minutes become meaningless. Only time spent together, exploring the hidden streets of the city they love, is real.




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