Simon James Green: Noah Can’t Even

Simon’s debut novel was published by Scholastic in May 2017. He is also a screenwriter and director whose credits include Rules of Love (BBC); Hollyoaks (C4); West Side Story (UK tour); the Rocky Horror Show, End of the Rainbow, Blues Brothers, Art, and Rent (all West End). Simon was a finalist in SCBWI Undiscovered Voices in 2016 with the first two chapters of Noah Can’t Even and the book has now been optioned for TV by Urban Myth Films – creators of Crazy Head, Atlantis, Sugar Rush and Merlin. The sequel to Noah Can’t Even is due out Summer 2018.


Noah Can't Even cover
Twitter: @simonjamesgreen
Instagram: @simonjamesgreen
Noah Can’t Even: Poor Noah Grimes! His father disappeared years ago, his mother’s Beyonc� tribute act is an unacceptable embarrassment, and his beloved gran is no longer herself. He only has one friend, Harry, and school is… Well, it’s pure hell. Why can’t Noah be normal, like everyone else at school? Maybe if he struck up a romantic relationship with someone – maybe Sophie, who is perfect and lovely – he’d be seen in a different light? But Noah’s plans are derailed when Harry kisses him at a party. That’s when things go from bad to utter chaos.

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