Leila Rasheed: Somerton Court duology

Cinders and Sapphires coverLeila is the author of Chips, Beans and Limousines and sequels, published by Usborne and the At Somerton books, published by Hot Key and Disney-Hyperion USA. She also wrote the Witch of Turlingham series for Working Partners as Ellie Boswell. She teaches creative writing at all levels including for the University of Warwick, where she designed and teaches the MA in Writing’s module in Writing for Children and Young People. Previously, she was children’s bookseller for Waterstone’s Brussels. Most recently, she created and runs the Megaphone project, which supports BAME writers as they write their first novel for children or teenagers.

Twitter: @leilaR   and   @MegaphoneWrite

Website: www.leilarasheed.com   and   www.megaphonewrite.com

Diamonds and Deceit cover

Cinders and Sapphires, Diamonds and Deceit: The year is 1910. For the past decade, the Averley family has lived a life of luxury in India, but now they must return to Lord Averley’s ancestral estate, the sprawling, majestically beautiful Somerton Court. As the household staff hastily prepare for the family’s arrival, they receive shocking news: Lord Averley is bringing back a fiancée with three children of her own, and on top of that, there are rumours of a terrible scandal surrounding Lord Averley’s resignation as Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. As the family settles in, tensions arise both upstairs and downstairs. Lady Ada must choose between her honour and her heart, Sebastian must fend off ruinous threats from a former servant (and lover…) and gentle housemaid Rose will find herself at the centre of a scandal so enormous it could destroy the Averleys’ reputation forever.

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