Lorraine Gregory: Mold and the Poison Plot

Lorraine is the daughter of an Indian father and an Austrian mother. She was raised on an East London Council Estate. The local library was her source of all books growing up and she never stopped reading if she could help it. All that reading led to her writing her own stories throughout her childhood and teens while dreaming of being a proper author one day. It seemed impossible so she decided to settle down to a normal life with a job, marriage and motherhood and kept all her stories firmly in my head… until her son sparked her love of writing once again and she started scribbling her own tales to read to him. Five years of hard work led to a book deal with OUP for her debut…

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Mold and the Poison Plot: He’s got a big heart… and a nose to match! Mold’s a bit of a freak. His nose is as big as his body is puny and his mother abandoned him in a bin when he was a mere baby. Who else but the old healer, Aggy, would have taken him in and raised him as her own? But when Aggy is accused of poisoning the King, Mold sets out to clear her name. In a thrilling race against time to save Aggy from the hangman’s noose, Mold faces hideous, deadly monsters like the Yurg and the Purple Narlo Frog. He finds true friendship in the most unusual – and smelly – of places and must pit his wits and his clever nose against the evil witch Hexaba.


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