Internship Programme

We are now CLOSED to new applications. If you’d like us to drop you a line when we open to new applications, email us at .

The internship programme will be changing in 2019, but will offer the same sorts of exciting opportunities to develop skills and gain experience.

Interns photoYA Shot’s Internship Programme is a way for students (and recent graduates) who want to work in publishing/the Arts/event management to get exciting opportunities to undertake interesting tasks involving real responsibility – all without having to travel (beyond being in Uxbridge for the training day and the day of YA Shot) and without having to commit to regular hours. We understand that interning is impossible for many students: it’s too expensive to get there and the hours are too inflexible for other commitments. YA Shot’s Internship Programme is designed to offer a real alternative to traditional internships so that everyone can put together a strong CV. It is unpaid, but the work is really interesting and unless you want to do more, we only require a Interns photolimited amount of work – all flexihours.

The more work you take on and deliver on-time and to a high-quality, the more varied and interesting opportunities we will give you to get involved and take responsibility – but how much you do and when you do it is largely up to you, provided you make your deadlines for everything you commit to. You’ll have truly impressive stuff (e.g. pitching article ideas to magazines, running individual events at YA Shot, helping run our social media accounts) to put on your CV and to talk about in interviews.

You’ll also get mentoring from our fantastic senior team to help you develop new skills and hone existing ones as you work. Skills, attributes and experiences you’ll gain while interning at YA Shot include

  • Managing your time and meeting deadlines
  • Professionalism: punctuality, attention to detail, trustworthiness, courtesy, persistence
  • Working effectively in a team
  • Managing junior colleagues, taking initiative and working in a leadership position
  • Problem solving and staying calm under pressure
  • Customer service and effective, respectful engagement with a diverse group of people
  • Effective oral and written communication, including drafting and revising documents
  • Publicity and social media

YAShot photoThe YA Shot Team will provide job-specific references on request for all interns. Most references will be written by Dr Alexia Casale, YA Shot’s Director. Alexia is an author and consultant with a background in event management as Box Office Manager at a major music festival. She’s also a qualified university teacher and has extensive experience of running work-experience programmes.

If you’d like to see the detailed job description or ask any questions, just drop us an email ( from your college/uni email address. To apply you’ll need to fill in a short electronic form, including a photo (a selfie of reasonable quality is fine). You’ll also need to provide the details of someone who can provide a reference from your university or college. At the moment, the Internship Programme is open to mainland UK applicants only.

Make sure you get in touch as early as possible as we close to new recruits as soon as we’ve filled our spots for each cycle.