Author Handbook


There’s lots afoot at #YAShot HQ…

Today’s announcement is about our new #AuthorHandbook.

We all talk about what we wish we’d known when we were first published, what we’d love to ask but are afraid to & we love it when people tell it like it is. But it’s scary doing it solo.

The #AuthorHandbook will answer all your post-publication questions, give a range of advice on each issue, offer email templates, tips on how to phrase/approach tricky matters & more. It’s everything you wish you could say & ask but don’t dare to.

We’ll be looking for contributions & input from LOADS of people. You can do it anonymously with your name in the back or take credit for your words. In the first year we’ll be covering Middle Grade through Adult.

‘How do I get my hands on this desperately needed thing?’ you ask.

Publishers & agents can subscribe to the #AuthorHandbook (launching end 2020) then provide it free to authors. It’ll be digital so no postage or packaging, easy to search & great for accessibility.

The money will fund YAShot’s future, including some payment for the team but also continued outreach work (largely paid author visits to disadvantaged schools/libraries.)

Each year we’ll add to the #AuthorHandbook. For example, in the second year we’ll add genre-specific advice & info, plus material on chapter & picture books. It’ll also ensure new authors will be able to get involved as we go along.

To make building the #AuthorHandbook manageable, we’ll tackle different questions and topics in turn so we’re not deluged. So look out for announcements as we go along and be ready to let us know how we can make the #AuthorHandbook work for you & what you’d love to share but haven’t dared to till now…

So there it is – one of YAShot’s big new projects: an #AuthorHandbook by authors, for authors, helping us navigate with a little more comfort through these hugely exciting but very choppy publishing waters.