Four-Person Panel Events

All our four-person panel events will be held in the Lord of the Rings (i.e. Middlesex Suite, Civic Centre). Enter through the Gates of Argonath, where you will find the Box Office. Capacity will be about 250 people, first-come-first-served.

10.40-10.50 YA Shot Opening

10.50-11.45 It Takes Two: writing in partnership – Honor Cargill, Perdita Cargill, Katharine and Elizabeth Corr, Tom Ellen, chaired by Lucy Ivison

12.00-12.55 The Sound of Music: the role and portrayal of music and the music industry in YA – Marianne Levy, Chris Russell, Eleanor Wood chaired by Sophia Bennett

13.10-14.05 Pursuit of Happyness: happy YA – Katy Birchall, Jenny McLachlan, Andy Robb, chaired by Tom Easton

14.20-15.15 Stand By Me: friendship in YA – Alexia Casale, Maggie Harcourt, Jess Vallance, chaired by Sara Barnard

15.30-16.25 Terms of Endearment: feminism and the portrayal of romance in YA – Harriet Reuter Hapgood, Rachel McIntyre, Holly Smale chaired Holly Bourne

16.40-17.35 A History of Violence: exploring individual and social violence through historical fiction – Catherine Johnson, Tanya Landman, Katherine Woodfine, chaired by Lydia Syson

17.50-18.45 To Have and Have Not: exploring poverty, privilege and class through YA – Michael Byrne, Patrice Lawrence, Steve Tasane, chaired by Polly Ho Yen

19.00-21.30 UKYA Blogger Awards