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As YA Shot exists to raise enough resources of time and money to run our Libraries-Schools Programme, though we would love to give free YA Shot tickets to local(ish) young people who couldn’t otherwise afford to come, it just isn’t possible to make ends meet unless we sell all the tickets available.

However, in the days before YA Shot 2015, we came up with a great idea – inviting people to buy ‘gift tickets’ to fill this gap. We were amazed and humbled by how many people (including authors and editors) jumped on board with this scheme in those few days. In 2016, we’re going to start nice and early with the scheme.

Anyone who wants to donate a gift ticket will be able to buy one below (on this page) and we’ll distribute. We’ll announce the organisations we’re going to work with in distributing the tickets in due course, but they’ll include Hillingdon Borough Libraries.

Gift tickets will be sold at the concession rate and will be available on this page only. If you’d like an acknowledgement on the website – and for us to share your Twitter handle with the person your ticket is gifted to – just click on ‘add’ next to ‘Add special instructions to the seller’ during the check-out process and add the appropriate info/details. Gift tickets will be to YA Shot only.

Last year some of our gift tickets weren’t picked up on the day, so we’ll be carrying these over to 2016 – and we’ll do the same in case of any unused gift tickets bought for YA Shot 2016.

You can also donate any ticket you’ve bought for yourself but then aren’t able to use for whatever reason, though we won’t carry these over from year-to-year and we can’t refund the difference between the price of normal adult tickets and gift tickets.

Gift Ticket conditions will be the standard ticket conditions: please see the Tickets page.

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