Gift Ticket Scheme

Do you know a young person (12-18) based in the UK who would benefit from attending a book festival or other literary event, but can’t afford a ticket? Librarians, teachers, social workers and other relevant professionals can nominate a young person for a free gift ticket via YAShot. We’ve got at least 10 to give out!

We’ll pay for the ticket and the young person can pick it up at the event on the day, or we’ll send the e-ticket as applicable, so we don’t even need the young person’s details beyond their first name.

Ticket band

All we want is a quick message afterwards about what the recipient got out of the event.

Please note that only the event ticket will be paid for: the nominee will need to cover any additional costs and expenses, including travel to the event. UK events only.

Just fill out this very short form and send it in to and we’ll be in touch. We may not have enough tickets to cover all applications, but we’ll be transparent about how we’re picking (though of course we won’t share any details of applicants or nominees).

Initial deadline is 10th January 2019. If we don’t have enough applications or they don’t  fit what we’re seeking to do, we’ll extend. But for the best chance of getting a ticket to your nominee apply by then!