Meet the Team

Say hello to the YA Shot Team!

2017 is the year that many things are happening with YA Shot. Yes we’re sad that we can’t have a grand day out with everyone like we did last October but YA Shot is moving to the spring! The next festival will be Spring 2018! So it’s not too long to wait. And we promise to keep you updated with all the exciting things that are happening in the run up to the next YA Shot. Keep an eye on @yashotmediateam  🙂

Today we’re announcing how the YA Shot team is growing. Throughout March you’ll meet each member from HQ with a Q&A, but for today we want to give you an introduction to the four people who will be running around over the coming months to build YA Shot 2018.

Director – Alexia Casale

Head of Press & Publicity – Hannah W.

Head of Marketing & Promotions – Chelley Toy

Head of Funding & Sponsorship – Virginie B.

Second Year Intern Team

It’s not just us four though. The YA Shot Team is made up of many wonderful people and you’ll get to meet them all, the Interns, Partners, etc.


The YA Shot Team