Resources, Wrap-ups and Recaps 2015 & 2016

YAShot 2016

Jess of Book Ends and Endings recaps YA Shot here.

Eve from Twist in the Taile’s excellent recap of her excellent day is here.

Bex from My Shelf and Myself recaps in  wonderful detail here.

Rachel of Rustling Reads recaps – with gorgeous event headers.

Perdita and Honor Cargill talk YA Shot, among other things, on Girls Heart Books.

Dani Reviews Things recaps YA Shot and Worlds Collide.

A TWO PART recap from Steph of A Little But a Lot: Part 1 and Part 2.

Mike of NukeMZ did a vlog recap here.

Watch ShinraAlpha’s vlog recap here.

Read author LD Lapinski’s recap here.

Watch Maximum Pop!’s Catch-Up here and the photo-recap here.

Read author Kat Elli’s recap here. And find out more about all the yellow-lipstick at YA Shot here.

YA Buzz’s ‘7 non-bookish things we learnt at YA Shot‘.


WristbandsYA Shot 2015

Beautiful post from Siobhan Curham about returning to Hillingdon Civic Centre and Uxbridge Library for YA Shot.

Lisa of CityofYABooks recaps her day at YA Shot!

Wei Ming Kam of Rare, Medium, Well Done shares the resource sheet from the Promoting Diversity in Publishing workshop that she ran with Jim Dean of YA Yeah Yeah.

Librarian and blogger Sarah Barnard (@slouisebarnard) of Sarah Likes Books looks back on YA Shot.

Faridah of She Who Writes recaps her YA Shot day!

Anna of Enchanted by YA recaps her YA Shot day!

A wonderful write-up from Rebecca McCormick!