Sponsorship Enquiries

If you or a business/organisation you work with are interested in sponsoring YA Shot, please get in touch at yashot @ yashot . co . uk (no spaces). We are looking for both financial sponsorship and sponsorship-in-kind (especially printing and stationary supplies). We’re very happy to work with sponsors on press and publicity stories about how we’ll use the money/support. We’re happy to include sponsors’ logos on the website and on printed materials of various types. We always thank our sponsors when we can during interviews and, of course, on the day itself.

In Summer 2016, we will be looking for an on-going corporate sponsor and will have a detailed sponsors’ pack to share with any interested parties. We are looking for a 3-5 year commitment of £5000 per year as this would bridge the gap between the maximum amount we can raise with ticket-sales and the potential total cost of the Festival plus Libraries-Schools Programme while we are still in the process building the organisation. We would hope that by the fifth year of any investment we would be able to divert some of this money to honourariums for authors and/or interns, and/or payment for volunteer staff to cover any hours over one calendar month of volunteering (i.e. 140 hours in the year).