2015 Tour

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Join us for three months of fantastic, diverse posts from YA Shot author interviews and guest-posts to a wide range of articles blogging & vlogging, about getting started in the publishing industry, reading, creative writing and celebrating literature and libraries.

To find out more about our authors, check out the Author tab or our GoodReads List. To join the True Fire Readathon, meet other people going to YA Shot and generally talk about YA and MG books, join our GoodReads Group led by Virginie of La Chouett and Michelle Toy of Tales of Yesterday. There’s also a general Readathon led by Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies: see a vid about it here!

Stop #1 (August 3rd) – La Chouett (@ChouettBlog) launches the Tour with an introduction to Gary Meehan‘s True Trilogy: join the readathon & catch the follow-up post on October 1st

Extra YAShot-related BookTube vid from SomethingLikeLydia: YA Shot Booktube-a-thon TBR

Stop #2 (August 7th) – YA Shot author Lauren James interviews librarian and blogger Sarah Barnard (@slouisebarnard) about blogging, working with books, and why events like YA Shot are so important

Stop #3 (August 10th) – Rachel Kennedy (@Rachel90Kennedy) on Volunteering, Interning & the Road to Publishing

Extra YAShot-related Booktube vid by from SomethingLikeLydia: YA Shot Booktube-a-thon Wrap-up

Stop #4 (August 13th) – Kirsty Stanley (@Kirstyes) on Books & Health

Stop #5 (August 15th) – Vid-post with CJ Daugherty by Luna of Luna’s Little Library AND a vid-post of Luna’s own Bookish Dares!

Stop #6 (August 17th) – Kate of If These Books Could Talk interviews David Owen PLUS enter the competition to win one of two copies of David’s debut, Panther!

Check out this brilliant post about author visits to libraries from Giancarlo Gemin

Stop #7 (August 27th) – Gee of The Books Bandit interviews Liz de Jager

Stop #8 (August 28th) – Faridah of She Who Writes interviews Alexia Casale

Stop #9 (August 31st) – Hayley of Hayley Sprout interviews Cat Clarke

Stop #10 (September 1st) – Lize of Lize Bronwen Reviews interviews Sarah Sky

Stop #11 (September 2nd) – Kendra Leighton interviews Sangu Mandanna

Stop #12 (September 3rd) – Darren Hartwell of The Book Zone interviews Ben Davis

Stop #13 (September 6th) – Clare of Minerva Reads hosts Sally Nicholls‘ guest-post about libraries: ‘A Tiny, Bookish Island of My Own’

Stop #14 (September 8th) – Vivienne Dacosta of Serendipity Reviews plays ‘Chuck a Book’ with Anna McKerrow

Check out Kate of If These Books Could Talk‘s review of Stefan Mohamed’s Bitter Sixteen

Stop #15 (September 11th) – Chrissi of Chrissi Reads chats with Aoife Walsh

And check out Chrissi‘s review of  Aoife’sToo Close to Home!

Stop #16 (September 12th) – Stephen of Dark Readers interviews Taran Matharu

Stop #17 (September 13th) – Minerva of Minerva Reads interviews Jason Rohan

Stop #18 (September 14th) – Stephen of Dark Readers takes us on a tour of the most important libraries in his life

Stop #19 (September 15th) – Both sides of the coin: Emma Carroll‘s advice for authors and schools on organising events (Year-Long Legacy Programme Toolkit series)

Stop #20 (September 17th) – Cora of Tea Party Princess interviews Faye Bird

Stop #21 (September 19) – Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies interviews Keren David

Check out Elena’s booktube vid – part of the YA Shot Readathon organised by Michelle!

Stop #22 (September 20th) – Kate of If These Books Could Talk interviews Stefan Mohamed

Stop #23 (September 21st) – Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies interviews Laura Jarratt

Stop #24 (September 22nd) – Faridah of She Who Writes interviews CJ Skuse

Stop #25 (September 23rd) – author Jo Cotterill of Girls Heart Books interviews Abi Elphinstone

Check out Cora of Tea Party PrincessTop Ten Tuesday post – all YA Shot authors!

Stop #26 (September 24th) – Q&A with Tim Bowler: Reading, writing and author events (Year-Long Legacy Programme Toolkit series)

Check out Mel of The Book Moo‘s YA Shot Readathon TBR vid!

Stop # 27 (September 25th) – Luna of Luna’s Little Library and Katherine Woodfine

Check out Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies‘ vlog review of Dawn Kurtagich’s Dead House!

Stop #28 (September 25th) – Michelle of Tales of Yesterday interviews Alison Rattle: Libraries, bubbles and camels?!

Stop #29 (September 26th) – Stephen of Dark Readers interviews Samantha Shannon

Stop #30 (September 28th) – Daphne of Winged Reviews interviews Matt Whyman about his ‘Bookish Firsts’

Check out SomethingLikeLydia‘s YA Readathon TBR Pile post.

Stop #31 (September 30th) – Maia of Maia and a Little Moore interviews Lucy Coats about where she writes and how she does it

Stop #32 (October 1st) – La Chouett (@ChouettBlog) interviews Gary Meehan

Stop #33 (October 2nd) – Sofia of The Reading Fangirl interviews Melinda Salisbury

Stop #34 (October 3rd) – BookTube vid from SomethingLikeLydia: Taboos in YA

Stop #35 (October 4th) – Sally of The Dark Dictator talks hypothetical scenarios with Catherine Doyle

Stop #36 (October 5th) – Blondi Camps interviews Rhian Ivory

Check out this great booktube vid about the Bookish Brits September Challenge, including Dawn Kurtagich and Louisa Reid from  Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies

Stop #37 (October 6th) – Q&A with Hillingdon Libraries’ Rosemary Marchant on organising author events

Stop #38 (October 8th) – Sabrina of The Delirious Reader interviews The Spinster Club from Holly Bourne‘s Am I Normal Yet?

Stop #39 (October 9th) – Ally of Reading in the Rain interviews Lu Hersey about real and fictional libraries

Stop #40 (October 10th) – Author Jo Cotterill interviews Ian Johnstone

Extra YAShot-related BookTube vid from SomethingLikeLydia: YA Shot Readathon!

Stop #41 (October 11th) – Michelle from The Book Club Forum interviews Lou Morgan

Extra YAShot-related BookTube vid from SomethingLikeLydia: September Book Haul – YA Shot!

Stop #42 (October 12th) – Beth of Bibliobeth interviews Piers Torday about The Last Wild series. Plus check out her reviews of The Last WildThe Dark Wild and The Wild Beyond too!

Stop #43 (October 13th) – Laura of Sister Spooky and Siobhan Curham pair up to create and discuss a series of inspiring True Face images

Stop #44 (October 14th) – Beth of Bibliobeth interviews Jane Elson about How to Fly with Broken Wings. And check out her review here!!

Stop #45 (October 15th) – Lucy Saxon vlogs about her bookish firsts with Daphne of Winged Reviews

Stop #46 (October 16th) – Laura of Sister Spooky and Siobhan Curham pair up to create and discuss a series of inspiring True Face images

Stop #47 (October 17th) – Kerry Drewery guestposts about why events like UKYAX and YA Shot are so important

Check out Elena’s latest booktube vid – part of the YA Shot Readathon organised by Michelle!

Stop #48 (October 18th) – Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen‘s brilliant (and hilarious) advice about organising events (part of the YLLP Toolkit series)

Stop #49 (October 20th) – Sofia of The Reading Fangirl discusses ‘where the magic happens’ (i.e. libraries) with Emma Pass

Stop #50 (October 21st) – Beth of Bibliobeth explains why everyone should go to YA Shot and what it’s all about

Stop #51 (October 22nd) – Michelle of Tales of Yesterday interviews Natasha Farrant

Stop #52 (October 23rd) – Beth of Beth Kemp hosts Ellen Renner talking about ‘Rewriting the World: Fantasy and social issues’

Check out The BOOk Moo Mel’s review of James Dawson‘s Under My Skin!

Stop #53 (October 23rd) – Nina of Death, Books and Tea interviews Lisa Williamson

YA Shot Director Alexia Casale talks YA Shot and Libraries on the Guardian Children’s Site! Why I’m fighting to get teenagers into Libraries

Stop #54 (October 24th) – Debbie of Snuggling on the Sofa hosts Emma Haughton talking about the power of stories

Stop #55 (October 25th) – Mariam of Hello I Am Mariam interviews Mel Salisbury about Feminism, the problem with the ‘strong female character trope’ and problematic conflations of abuse with hot romance in YA

Check out all the fantastic reviews on Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies‘ YA Shot Readathon here!

Stop #56 (October 26th) – Rachel Kennedy (@Rachel90Kennedy) and Andy Robb pair up for an interview in words and drawings about life, books and being a geek

Check out this brilliant ‘Boy and a biscuit‘ post about Emma Haughton‘s Better Left Buried from her editor, Sarah Stewart!

Stop #57 (October 27th) – Jax of Making It Up and Antonia Honeywell writes about YA/not YA and reading and writing labels

Stop #58 (October 27th) – La Chouett (@ChouettBlog) interviews Alexia Casale

Stop #59 (November 1st) – Alice Oseman talks writing and studying and making it all possible with Holly of Lost in a Library

Huge thanks to uber-talented Luna of Luna’s Little Library for the amazing YA Shot Blog & Vlog Tour Banners.

YA Sgot Blog & Vlog Tour BannerYA Shot Blog & Vlog Tour

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