UKYA Blogger Awards

UKYABA 2018 logoYou thought we’d forgotten you but we haven’t… The UKYABA ARE BACK! They are coming for you.

In the nice we love-Book-Bloggers-way, not the scary monster-under-the-bed-way.

UKYA Book Bloggers are awesome, amazing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, incredible, magnificent, wonderful, phenomenal, and basically supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

We want to celebrate you. WE WILL CELEBRATE YOU. When? Where? How? I’m so glad you asked…

Find out EVERYTHING you need to know hereInformation on tickets to follow.

The UKYABA will be in the Middlesex Suite, ‘Hillingdon’ Civic Centre (which is actually in Uxbridge on the High Street). Check out the venue page for details. Entrance for UKYABA only will be from 6pm (no entrance after 7pm).

There will be scheduled events 6-7pm, followed by the awards ceremony 7-7.45pm, then a reception until 8.15. We close promptly at 8.30pm, though there will be an informal after-party at Slug and Lettuce across the street.

There will be alcohol at the UKYABA so please bring ID (we will do random age-checks) and please, if you’re under 18, help us act as responsible hosts by staying away from the booze!