Writing Workshops at YA Shot 2016

All writing workshops will be held in Narnia (aka Uxbridge Library, 5th Floor Study Area, Bay 1). There are loos and lifts. Capacity will be about 30 people per workshop, first-come-first-served.

10.50-11.45 Writing, rewriting and editing with SC Ransom


12.00-12.55 Getting it right (or trying to!) – Researching and presenting tough or sensitive subjects with Maria Farrer
Almost all YA books, whatever their genre, touch on sensitive subjects at some point or another. In this workshop, designed both for writers and readers, we will interactively explore who we are and where we stand in relation to the sensitive subjects in our own stories and those of others. What makes a subject tough or sensitive, and how we deal with it reasonably and responsibly, depends on a whole variety of factors — factors we need to be aware of, even if we choose to ignore them! We will look at the joys and dangers of ‘writing what you know’ and discovering/researching what you don’t, and how this affects the way we project ourselves into the worlds about which we write and read.
Bring a book (any genre) that includes a sensitive subject about which you feel strongly, and/or questions about a sensitive subject that you are researching for your own writing. But most of all bring an open mind and be ready to smile!
13.10-14.05 Writing strong story openings to grab readers’ attention with Michelle Harrison


14.20-15.15 History is horrible (but great for writing fiction!) with Rhian Ivory

This workshop will focus on how to use fascinating facts from history and turn them into a piece of fantastic fiction. I’ll share how I used witchcraft trials, creepy visits to the Workhouse, court case documents and Victorian heirlooms to research The Boy who Drew the Future.

15.30-16.25 From Film to Publishing with Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker explores her background in film and how it has helped inform and shape her writing. She’ll also discuss her journalism experience writing features about vintage fashion and how different sources of inspiration and experience enrich a writer’s toolkit.

16.40-17.35 Krystal Sutherland Q&A with Katherine Webber


17.50-18.45 Real world inspiration for the fantastical with LA Weatherly

Lee will discuss the real-life inspirations for her fantastical Angel and Broken series everything from angels to Spitfires! – and help you discover the possibilities for your own fantastical fiction. Inspiration, research, and how to ground your fantasy world in reality.


We’re announcing the programme very early, so it’s possible we may have to make some changes, but that isn’t the plan. Check in here for up-to-date info.