2016 Tour

Check out the hashtag (#YAShot2016) for the latest, but here’s a recap of the 2016 Tour as it develops. Most of the Tour Stops have associated giveaways so do check them all out and RT/follow/reply to have the chance to win some amazing books and other prizes!

Jess of Book Ends and Endings has done a post on some of her favourite YA Shot authors and books she can’t wait to read

21st October Mel at The Book Moo reviews Tanya Byrne‘s Heart-Shaped Bruise

Kyra of Blog of a Bookaholic has a lovely post about YA Shot!

20th OctoberHayley Long shares Sophie (of  Sophie Someone)’s guide to Brussels with Michelle Toy (YA Shot Tour 2016 organiser!) of Tales of Yesterday. Plus, you can win signed copies of Sophie Someone and Being a Girl!

19th October Alex Campbell talks writing, inspiration, tea, favourite characters, icecream and animals with Hannah of Stars and Above

17th October Tanya Landman discusses female protagonist, literary awards and family relationships with Emma Petfield of Howling Reviews, plus giveaway!

The lovely Bibliobeth (our Stewards Manager) has written a Top 10 list of reasons you would be mad to miss YA Shot 2016!

15th OctoberSarah Baker discusses how her childhood reading shaped her writing, favourite fictional meals, vintage fashion and inspiration with Victoria of The Book Activist

14th OctoberMichael Byrne discuses why and how he writes for young adults, and the pros and cons of different narrative perspectives, with Chloe from Writer-on-Wheels

13th OctoberSC Ransom discusses what she’s tell her 18-year-old self and how she became an author with Megan of 18 Things Before, plus giveaway!

12th OctoberJeannie Waudby talks extremism, writing groups and publication with Eloise Parr

11th OctoberSteve Tasane discusses why and how he campaigns for libraries, and talks working class perspectives in YA, with Tanya Efthymiou of Tanya’s Allsorts

10th OctoberNikki Sheehan talks books with ‘boy’ in the title with Beth at The Reader’s Corner

9th OctoberMel at The Book Moo reviews Polly Ho-Yen The Boy in the Tower

Cora (Tea Party Princess) gives her Top Ten reasons for coming to YA Shot!

Steph of A Little But a Lot lays out a brilliant YA Shot FAQ and talks about why she’s going and what she’ll be up to here!

October 5th Jenny Downham talks writing, favourite books, darkness in YA and Unbecoming with Darran (Shinra Alpha)

4th October Kat Ellis talks book recs with Laura’s Little Book Blog

3rd OctoberSimon Mason spotlight by Big Book Project, interview to follow!

2nd October Tom Easton talks about the funniest UKYA with Jim of YAYeahYeah on Tales of Moon Lane

1st OctoberPeter Bunzl talks about his path to publication, writing Cogheart and its sequel, and advice for budding writers with George Lester

30th SeptemberSamantha Shannon talks being an author, the publishing world, writing and favourite places with Dani Reviews Things

29th September Faye of A Daydreamer’s Thoughts explains why she thinks everyone should read Alice Oseman‘s books

28th SeptemberMike Revell talks writing, inspiration, books and libraries with Minerva Reads

27th SeptemberJoshua Khan talks writing, characterisation and magic with Stephen of Dark Readers

26th September Lucy Saxon (part of our inaugural YA Shot Schools Day Programme lineup!) talks the Tellus series, fanfiction, why YA Shot is great, favourite UKYA and a couple of hints and secrets of what’s to come in Book 3, with Lily of Sweet Love Books

25th September – Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies talks YA Shot, books, book hauls and book events… and about her YA Shot workshop! Catch her 16.40-17.35 for Blogging Across Platforms on the day of the festival.

24th SemtemberAJ (Annalie) Grainger (part of our inaugural YA Shot Schools Day Programme lineup!) shares her top tips for researching a novel with Emma of My Book Corner

23rd SeptemberRhian Ivory talks books, writing, food and dream homes with Aditi of A Thousand Words, A Million Books, with giveaway!

22nd SeptemberCatherine Johnson talks picking what to read and changes in the book community with Faridah of Tea and Books

21st SeptemberRachel McIntyre talks where she reads and writes with Maia (Maia And A Little Moore)

20th SeptemberLucy Ivison and Tom Ellen talk Fresher Q&As with Alix Long (vid!)

19th SeptemberNatasha Farrant talks schools, favourite subjects, embarrassing moments, her arch-nemesis and libraries with Library Girl & Book Boy

18th SeptemberPatrice Lawrence talks gangs, drugs, history, family and pancakes with Virginie/La Chouett

17th SeptemberChris Russell talks making it as a writer and as a musician with Andrew Hall (Pewter Wolf)

16th SeptemberKate and Liz Corr interview about writing, publishing and The Witch’s Kiss with Books Are My Fandom

15th SeptemberLisa Williamson (part of our inaugural YA Shot Schools Day Programme lineup!) talks cosplaying Sweet Valley High with Lucy Ivison and favourite series from her teens with Vivienne Da Costa (Serendipity Reviews)

14th SeptemberAlwyn Hamilton talks her favourite YA characters with Amy McCaw (YA Under My Skin), plus giveaway!

13th SeptemberHarriet Reuter Hapgood talks grief, physics and hints about Book 2! with Sophie (So Many Books, So Little Time)

12th SeptemberJane Hardstaff talks historical fiction – definitions and recommendations – with Jim (YA Yeah Yeah)

11th SeptemberJenny McLachlan talks writing, teaching, research and what’s next with Sophie Houghton (Sophie Reads YA)

10th SeptemberMel at The Book Moo reviews Holly Bourne‘s What’s a Girl Gotta Do?

9th September – lovely post about internet friendships by Jesse Owens (Reading To Life) about Fox Benwell‘s Last Leaves Falling

8th SeptemberMichelle Harrison talks The Other Alice, writing, books and much more with Anna (Enchanted by YA)

7th SeptemberJess Vallance talks darkness, lunatics and writing with Debbie (Snuggling on the Sofa)

6th SeptemberKatherine Woodfine‘s top tips for attending YA events on Girls Heart Books

5th SeptemberEleanor Wood talks songs and stories with Cora (Tea Party Princess), with giveaway!

4th SeptemberMelinda Salisbury discusses The Sin-Eater’s Daughter, The Sleeping Prince, fantasy, publishing and accessibility in the Arts with Kim Dyer (Arkham Reviews), with giveaway!

3rd SeptemberMartyn Bedford discusses writing YA versus adult  fiction with Nazima (The Enchanted Bookcase)

2nd SeptemberSophia Bennett‘s boy-band, The Point, from Love Song are interviewed by Kaavya (Outlook on a Book) about fame, death, superheroes and embarrassing moments

1st SeptemberSF Said discusses libraries, author visits and the Cover Kids Books campaign with Jo Clarke (Book Lover Jo)

August 31stMaggie Harcourt discusses her bookish inspirations with Faye (A Daydreamer’s Thoughts)

August 29thLauren James talks The Next Together, The Last Beginning, writing and inspiration with Joshua (Oh hi I’m Josh)

August 27th – Andrew Prentice and Jonathan Weil discuss exclusive Dark Arts secrets, co-writing, characters and more with Darren of Bart’s Bookshelf

August 26thPerdita and Honor Cargill‘s Waiting on Callback is reviewed (with comments from the authors) by Sofia (The Reading Fangirl) + giveaway!

August 25thSarah Alexander talks the travel and the publication process with Ashleigh Allsopp (Ashleigh Online), and asks Ashleigh her own questions about blogging

August 23rdAnna McKerrow talks magic, Tarot, the environment and libraries with Sarah Likes Books

August 22ndJulia Gray talks about her publishing journey with The Books Bandit (Georgia Stencel)

August 20thSara Barnard talks mental health, friendship ups and downs, and writing with Jess Hearts Books

August 18thLA Weatherly talks jewellery, zombies and playlists with The Dark Dictator

August 16thMaria Farrer talks writing what you know without writing outright autobiography with BookCrazie

August 14thKaty Birchall answers SisterSpooky’s 20 Random Questions

August 12thLydia Syson talks Feminism, LGBT representation and historical fiction with Lily (SweetLoveBooks)

August 10thZoe Marriott discusses the darker side of fairytales and monsters in the forest with Luna’s Little Library

August 8thRosie Rowell talks travel, South Africa, inspiration and writing advice with Alix Long, with giveaway!

August 6thKeren David talks music, books and inadequate trousers with Amber (The Mile Long Bookshelf)

August 4thKiran Millwood-Hargrave describes her perfect library with Kirsty Stanley

August 2ndLaure Eve talks secrets,  fangirling  and The Graces with George Lester

August 1st – Alexia Casale talks books, writing, and Harry Potter with Holly Peckitt