Social Media Rules for all platforms

We expect everyone to abide by the following rules and guidelines when on YA Shot accounts, hashtags, etc. It all boils down to be nice, stay safe, help keep others safe and keep within the law. If anyone upsets or worries you on any of our social media platforms, please do contact our moderators and managers, including via ya @ (no spaces).

  1. Treat everyone with respect, including using inclusive, sensitive language. No offensive, hateful or discriminatory/biased language will be tolerated.
  2. Treat all opinions with respect, unless they violate one or more of the other rules. We can passionately disagree provided we’re still treating each other well and appreciating the fact that we don’t, can’t and won’t always see eye-to-eye.
  3. Absolutely no harassment, intimidation or bullying: anyone found by the account managers to be in breach of this rule will be blocked (if possible) and, if appropriate, reported to the social media service provider. Anyone who has fallen afoul of this rule who tries to join from a new account will be subject to the same actions if identified.
  4. No pornographic or violent content. No pirated or spam content. This includes sharing links and information about services for any of the previous. No advertisements of any kind. Don’t violate anyone’s Intellectual Property rights or copyright.
  5. Please remember how important it is to always be safe online. Don’t share personal information in public forums and also be careful of sharing lots of specific details that could let someone find you through the total of the information shared. No one should exchange any type of personal information with persons under 18. No one should arrange to meet people under 18 through any interaction involving YA Shot.
  6. Please be cautious of saying or sharing anything that could encourage any type of risky behaviour or harm, including self-harm (e.g. glorifying drinking, praising physical ‘stunts’, promoting gambling, discussing the details of dieting, etc.). Please be sensitive to the fact that young and vulnerable people may be part of our community.
  7. Avoid taking photos that show people under 18 and avoid uploading them to social media. Never do so if anyone under 18 might be identifiable from the context or the photograph itself. If you show the person’s face, never give their name (or at most their first name). Never give even the first name if the person is part of an identified group based at a specific location (e.g. a school sports team or a reading group). If at all possible, obtain a consent form if you want to use an image that you know shows the face of a person under 18: YA Shot will provide forms on request if for official YA Shot purposes. See the following resource on filming and photographs involving young people for further guidance.
  8. Always keep your account information safe and secure.

Please read the Child Protection in Sport guidance, which covers all the key issues, if you are at all unsure on any points.