YAShot 2018

Tickets to YAShot2018 (this Saturday!) will be available on the door (cash only)

AND via the website for credit-card and PayPal purchases.

Download the YAShot 2018 Quick Guide to events and venues

Why does #YAShot2018 have a #humanrights theme?

YA Shot is built on human rights principles: it’s an ideal place to explore how reading, writing and human rights are interlinked.

Literature is a key force in creating the awareness, understanding & empathy needed to support human rights.

YA and MG bring these rights to bear in stories, helping young people understand how they shape their lives & the world they will inherit.

On a personal note, I’ve been active in charity & human rights work since I was 13 so I’m passionate about using literature to effect change.

For all those reasons and given the state of the world, now’s the time to make it happen!


Why are #humanrights so important?

Human rights are everything we should share in common with all other people. When they guide us, we all live well.

The world seems to become scarier and more divided by the day. Focusing on human rights principles will help us move forwards together.

As for why #humanrights and #YAShot2018… there are extra reasons that I can’t expand on quite yet, but SOON.


What do we want to achieve with #YAShot2018 theme?

Now you’re just asking for announcement spoilers! I can say we’ll be celebrating at least one #humanrights anniversary. #mystery

Our main goal is to reflect on how stories help us engage with #humanrights and see what they mean in people’s lives…

… and how the empathy and understanding fiction provides can create a deeper commitment to #humanrights principles.

We need to understand #humanrights & their true implications if we’re to live by them and uphold them as individuals.

So that’s what it’s all about: exploring #humanrights so we can see how they can underpin how we live and treat others…

… and how we can use books and writing to take that forwards to convince others to do the same. #YAShot2018


What can visitors and contributors expect from #YAShot2018?

Panels, ‘in conversation’ events, workshops & signings + opportunities to get involved in #humanrights campaigns and issues…

A broad-ranging programme involving 50-60 authors, covering a wide-range of genres with something for everyone.

A partner event involving the UKYA community that will be held in the evening… #secrets #mystery

Fun, smiling faces all round, challenging debates, books, more books, lovely UKYA and UKMG peoplings, even more books…

We’re working hard to respond to all the feedback we’ve received, so every year we hope to refine and develop to make #YAShot even better!