Articles by YAShot interns

We’re still clocking up published pieces by our brilliant team of #YAShot2018 interns!

Each first-year worked with a second-year peer-mentor to discuss everything from concept to first drafts, then peer-mentors did at least two rounds of edits to polish everything up, so big thanks and congrats to them for all the guidance that made this success possibly!

Hannah Wilson argues that YA has a responsibility to tackle tough issues in the 2018 Youth Library Review. Peer mentor: Georgina Williams.

Stephanie Williamson interviews authors Lauren James, Cecilia Vinesse, Tamsin Winter and Laura Stevens about the impact of NaNoWriMo on their writing. Peer mentor: Rachel Lee

Lucy Deacon talks about how YA encouraged her to get politically engaged for the YA Book Prize. Peer mentor: Elinor Clark

Alice Caldecott makes the case for using comics in the classroom on The Bookseller blog. Peer mentor: Ella Whiddett

Annika Suomi talks about the problems with the recent TV series based on 13 Reasons Why. Peer mentor: Matthias Asiedu-Yeboa

Victoria Ellis talks about the disappearing line between fantasy and reality. Peer mentor: Marwa Najah

Stephanie Williamson asks whether religion is now taboo in children’s fiction on The Bookseller blog. Peer mentor: Rachel Lee

Tia Armstrong talks about the urgent need for diverse YA for the YA Book Prize. Peer mentor: Hadiyah Khan

Charlotte Wilson outlines how publishers could attract new readers to YA on The Bookseller blog. Peer mentor: Aurelija Zubaviciute, with help from author Carlie Sorosiak

Hugest thanks to Sarah Shaffi, Caroline Carpenter and Olly Meakings for their support for our interns, and all their feedback and kindness.