LSP Events Toolkit

If you’re a school, librarian, student or parent living in the area covered by this year’s YA Shot Libraries-Schools Programme, please get in touch with the relevant library system for enquiries about events.

2015/2016 – Hillingdon Borough Libraries

2016/2017 – Haringay (London) and Sunderland

2018/2019 – open for applications

Libraries-Schools Programme events are open to all primary and secondary schools in the relevant area. You must be willing to come to a local library for the event (though we will discuss other options in exceptional circumstances). We can’t help with the costs of getting to the library, but the event itself will be free to you and all your students. We try to provide at least one free book per event for your school library, though this depends on our budget.

In the Libraries-Schools Programme, participating schools and libraries will be paired with an author for events by the YA Shot Team working in partnership with the librarian(s) who submitted the Libraries-Schools Programme bid. We’ll also send an infosheet about how Libraries-Schools Programme events work, with advice for planning and getting the most out of it all. There are also feedback forms: we’d be grateful if you and your students could fill them in so we can see what we’re doing right, what we could be doing better… and how much we’re achieving to support our search for funding for YA Shot’s future.

Below, we’ve put together a little ‘Toolkit’ of even more advice about author visits covering everything from planning to ways to fund events, including

Do check out the YA Shot Blog & Vlog Tour tab as well for even more resources to use in preparing for your event!