Former YA Shot Team Members

Team 2018-2019

Second-Year Interns:

Alice Caldecott

Charlotte Wilson

Lucie Deacon

Hannah Wilson

Victoria E Ellis

First-Year Interns:

Katie Lumsden

Lily Cox

Irina Surducan

Jade Melling

Kabriya Coghlan

Helena Keeble



Work experience May 2018-October 2019:

Chloe Bull, Madeleine Finch, Lucinda Tomlinson


2017-2018 Team

Second-year Interns 2017-2018









In addition to interning, Georgina does much of the graphics + logos for YA Shot & UKYABA, while Rachel is YA Shot’s official Instagram Manager.

First-year Interns

Alice Caldecott

Annika S

Charlotte Wilson

Lucie Deacon

Hannah W

Stephanie Williamson

Tia A

Victoria E Ellis

Intern Team Mentor: Carlie Sorosiak

Work Experience students: Renée James is studying Photography at the University of Westminster. In 2016 her work experience included spending the day of the Festival as the assistant to Dr Alexia Casale, YA Shot Director. 


Jan-August 2017 

Head of Funding & Sponsorship – Virginie B

Head of Marketing & Promotions – Michelle Toy


2016 team

Spearing-heading the project as YA Shot Director is author Alexia Casale (The Bone Dragon, House of Windows). Find her on Twitter @AlexiaCasale and on her website.

Our Hillingdon Borough Libraries’ partnership is coordinated by Sam Everett, Jo Withers and Lara Marshall.

Our other YA Shot partner is Waterstone’s Uxbridge, who host events in-store as well as selling books in our main venue, the Civic Centre. Many thanks to Melissa, Lance, Kate and the rest of the team.

Social media team: Our Blog/Vlog Tour is organised by Michelle Toy (Tales of Yesterday) – many thanks to Kevin Toy for the banners! – and publicised by Virginie (La Chouett). Our Instagram is managed by Laura Heath (SisterSpooky). Our GoodReads Group is moderated by Virginie (La Chouett) and Cora (TeaPartyPrincess). Gif-Queen Luna (Luna’s Little Library) has helped with graphics, gifs, tweeting, posters, making the author passes, ideas, naming venues and all sorts of things!

Our Venue Management Team

  • Madiya Altaf 
  • Matthias Asiedu-Yeboa – check out his Maximum Pop! piece, written as part of his internship, here
  • Elinor Clark
  • Sophie Hickman – check out Writing Magazine‘s August 2016 edition for the feature on YA Sophie write as part of her internship
  • Hadiyah Khan – check out her website and the reading diversely resources she created as part of her YA Shot internship
  • Rachel Lee
  • Bethany Marsh
  • Marwa Najah: an English & Creative Writing undergraduate and an aspiring children’s writer.
  • Georgina Williams. Georgina also does much of our graphic design. Check out her amazing Art here.
  • Ella Whiddett – see her article for the Bookseller, written as part of her internship, here

Our Mentoring Team includes Stephen HaskinsLu Hersey, LD Lapinski, Chris Moore (YAfictionados/YA Takeover), Holly Smale,Carlie Noël SorosiakHayley Steed (Back to the Books). Joining next year are Laura Carter and Hannah Love.

Our stewarding manager is Bibliobeth.


Former Team Members from YA Shot 2015

In 2015, we had a large team of students from Brunel University on our work experience  and mentoring scheme who acted as Venue Managers and Stewarding Team Leaders. Our Venue Management Team included

  • Bethany Marsh, who was part of our promotions and publicity team, helped with our venue walk-through and planning session, and took charge of some of our key Health & Safety training.
  • Georgina Williams – our wonderful graphics designer. Check out her amazing Art here. She was also been part of our promotions and publicity team and helped with our venue walk-through and planning session.
  • Sabrina Yam of The Delirious Reader: a Creative Writing student who hopes to pursue a job in publishing and who was part of our promotions and publicity team from the start.
  • Madiya Altaf, who was  part of our promotions and publicity team.

In 2015, our stewards were volunteers from the Hillingdon Borough Libraries’ Summer Reading Challenge.

In 2015, we had a fantastic Readathon led by Michelle of Fluttering Butterflies: see a vid about it here!

In 2015, publicist Natalie Venning did a fantastic stint as our Press Officer. She is also a book blogger. Find her on Twitter @Natari_Himi.